Animal Farm Set


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30-pc set includes two animal figures, tractor, train, tracks, loading station, fences, bridge, rock risers, and more.

The 30-piece Animal Farm Set is ready to bring you back to nature with a peaceful farm setting. Designed with small children in mind, the battery-operated toy train features a simple tap and go function. Just tap the arrow on the front to start the engine off, then bring it to a stop by tapping it again. It’s the perfect train for this hilly countryside environment. Use the Hay Loading Station in this toy train set to crank the hay up and drop it into the cargo wagon below. Simply twist the cranks and the hay cargo will be either pulled from the bottom to the top or vice versa, ready to be loaded and delivered. The recognizable play of this toy train set helps children's development by promoting logical thinking and improving fine motor skills in a familiar scenario.

Ages 3+

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