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Hot Wheels id is the premium, next-level Hot Wheels® system of play. Its sleek, cutting-edge design blends the exhilaration of Hot Wheels® racing with a safe, connected platform of creativity, experimentation and competition. The more kids play with the physical car, the more they level up in the video game, challenging them to break records they make on the Smart TrackTrack. The Smart Track Starter Kit features 3 exclusive Hot Wheels id die-cast cars, assorted premium, connected track pieces and the Hot Wheels Race PortalPortal. Measure and record speed, laps and performance on tracks -- gamifying physical experiences through digital play. Kids can measure insanely fast performance with the powerful kid-powered booster that launches cars at speeds of up to 900-mph (scale speed) -- scan Hot Wheels id cars and play mini-games on classic Hot Wheels® track through the app! Track progress -- every mile driven, race won, stunt performed and high speed reached is recorded. With every milestone conquered, kids' racing prowess is boosted. Connect safely and play endlessly. Unlocks Hot Wheels id on both smart phones and tablets. The Hot Wheels id Smart Track Starter Kit makes a great gift for kids 8 years and up.

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