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Could you resist me? I´m a cute bunny ride on toy that will be a great travelling companion when your child explore the world. I encourage independent play and build confidence. Cute Rider Bunny from Viking Toys loves to seeks out adventures and starts moving on children’s command. This bunny is easy to handle and a perfect choice for the child. Children sit down comfortably, hold in the ears of the bunny and kick away with their feet to get the bunny moving; forward, backward, round, left or right. As kids scoot, walk, push and play with Cute Rider Bunny, they develop important balance, spatial awareness and gross motor skills. But they’ll just think it’s lots of fun! Under the seat, a storage space conceals where the children can stop things they find during their journey and want to investigate later. Cute Rider Bunny is made of durable recyclable plastic, equipped with silent soft wheels ready to bring your child to great playful adventures for years to come.

Seat height is about 25cm, height from floor top of the ears / handles are 29cm. Length is 50 cm, width about 25 cm. Max 40kg. 1-5 year.

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