Apples to Apples Marvel Edition


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The Apples-to-Apples game everyone knows and loves has gone superpowered, featuring dynamic images from the pages of Marvel comics on every Red Apple card! Join Super Heroes and Villains from across the Marvel Universe in this game of crazy combinations. The judge starts the round by playing a Green Apple card with a descriptive word like "Unstoppable". Everyone else plays a Red Apple card - such as "Hulking Out," "Photon Blasts," or "Magic" - that they think is best described by the Green Apple card. The judge then decides which Red Apple card makes the best apples-to-apples comparison for the round, and whoever played it scores a point. Just watch out for the exclusive, game-changing "Thanos Snaps" card - whenever it turns up, it removes half of players' Red Apple cards! Apples to Apples: Marvel Edition is a great family game for 4 to 8 players ages 12 and older and an ideal gift for Marvel fans!

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